The concept of technical and vocational (VOTECH) education is not new to Africa. During the pre-colonial period, indigenous African societies practiced informal education (McWilliam & Kwamena-Poh, 1975). The informal sector accounts for over 90 percent of all skills training in Ghana (Africa Union, 2007). In pre-colonial times, the Ghanaian craftpersons were the inventors, designers and technocrats (Essel, 2013a) who fashioned and produced societal everyday world of objects. These creators were very much feared, revered and hailed in the society (Amenuke, Dogbe, Asare, Ayiku & Bafoe, 1991). There was no contemptuous dichotomy over which craft occupation was more of intellectual activity until the introduction of formal school education by the colonialists. Since then, formal education including VOTECH has become the focus of all African countries till date.

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